Ruibao Chronoswiss Lucerne watchmaking workshop craftsmanship unique charm of the two

Gulu carved flower craft - noble extraordinary hand skills rolex replica watches engraving engraved on the metal carved laminated staggered geometric shapes and patterns. This very demanding process in the fake watches 16-18 century, only used in the European royal family and aristocratic handicrafts. Ingenious watchmaker accordingly developed by hand strength only to operate the high precision engraved engraving machine, to decorate the dial and case. This complex on the brink of the fake rolex watches process can be described as nothing to see the effort, delicate lines change thousands, greatly enriched the design creativity. Ruibao dial studio application of the curve of the carved engraved machine, the need for watchmaker with a stable arm manipulation, in the case, dial or even movement on the classic depiction of the exquisite design. The carved handkerchief's hand-held dial is moved around the knife blade, and the knife is engraved on the dial by about one tenth of a millimeter deep. Each line is only one twentieth millimeter thick, composed of filament corrugated decoration. Compared with the industrial automation relief processing out of the uniform lines, with this traditional method of making the pattern will appear subtle uneven, because the operation depends entirely on the master's feel, this is the charm of pure handmade craftsmanship. Watch on the use of fine engraved flowers is already very delicate and stressful decoration, but the Swiss treasure artist series watch, this is far from enough: the series of watches in the carved pattern adds a transparent enamel coating , So that the pattern is more layered and three-dimensional sense.